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    Supporting businesses in Western Balkans

    The company was looking to replace 4 oversized fuel oil boilers with 4 biomass boilers in order to reduce costs for heating on 4 locations of its warehouses and storages. The investment resulted with reduction of energy costs from 146 EUR/MWh to 37 EUR/MWh and 100% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and, with 10% grant as financial incentive received through WeBSEFF, its payback period came to only 1.7 years.
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    Supporting municipalities in Western Balkans

    Buildings, including our schools, hospitals and public administrations leak energy. With modern technologies they could become up to 50% more energy efficient.

    With the WeBSEFF scheme, municipalities and companies providing municipal services can apply for loans, financial incentives and free expert advice to invest in modern, energy efficient technologies.